Dress comfortable, shorts and t-shirts, bring a backpack or beach bag with a towel, sunscreen, camera, hat, sunglasses and wear comfortable footwear, you will be barefooted aboard.


Plan your tour as if you were spending a day at the beach. Come dressed with your swimwear on or under your shorts and a t-shirt or cover-up.  Wear slip-on slippers since you will be barefoot while on board the catamaran. If you need footwear, aqua footwear is great. Do not walk down wearing your aqua shoes prior to boarding the catamaran. The bottom of your shoes will collect red dirt. The red dirt and ocean water create red paste that is hard to clean.


Persons with bad backs, recent surgeries, heart conditions, or are pregnant are not recommended on the tours.
Upon check-in, please bring these items with you: your Printed Voucher or Confirmation Voucher that's on your Cell phone and Identification such as a Driver’s License or Passport.


Enjoy your tour. However, any questions please ask the Catamaran Kahanu Crew. Captain and Crew are very safety minded. Please listen attentively.

Does the 2 Hour Whale Watching Tours go to Na Pali Coast?

No, the 2 hour Whale Watch Tours does not go to Na Pali Coast. It goes out of Port Allen Harbor. Viewing whales at the southeast and southwest side of Kauai. Whales travel down to the warmer waters of the Hawaiian Islands, bearing there young, or mating.  You need 4 ½ to 5 hours to go to Na Pali Coast and back.

Does the 2 Hour Whale Watching Tours have swim and snorkeling?

No, the 2 hour Whale Watching Tours do not do swim and snorkeling. It goes out of Port Allen Harbor. Viewing whales at the southeast and southwest side of Kauai. Swim and snorkel is in the morning on the 5 hour tour to Na Pali Coast.

Do you leave from the North Shore of the Kauai?

No, we leave from the southwest of the island, at Port Allen.

Do you provide transportation to your tour?

No, we do not provide transportation. 

Do you provide  breakfast?

No, we do not provide breakfast. However, eat something light in the morning. We do provide a buffet deli style lunch that includes ham, turkey, two (2) types of cheese, fresh baked white and brown bread, lettuce, tomatoes, pasta salad, pineapple and chocolate chip cookies. Soda and juices are provided.

Is snorkel gear provided?

Yes, snorkel gear is provided. Also, the foam noodles that you could place around your med-section and go swimming with.

Where is the snorkeling area?

Captain determines the best area for snorkeling. The snorkeling area is 10 to 15 feet deep in a protected cove area. Snorkeling is always ocean conditions permitting.

I can’t swim will I be able to snorkel?

If you can’t swim we do not recommend snorkeling. There are safety issues if you do not know how to swim.  
What happens if the weather conditions look windy or rainy. Captain has been doing this for 31 years, he is very experience and knowledgeable about the weather conditions. Captain will make the final decision regarding the weather conditions. We will call or email you about changes in the weather and tour between 48 to 24 hours in advance. Normal trade winds flow everyday providing a cool breeze.

How many passengers do you take?

Catamaran Kahanu takes up to 18-20 passengers on the tours.

What about sea sickness?

If you have concerns about motion sickness, Dramamine and Bonine are standard over the counter options. As the directions indicate please take the proper dosage at least 1-2 hours before you step on board. Another option is taking the motion seasickness pill the night before and the morning of, that way it is in your body already. 
** It is important that you check with your physician before taking any over the counter medications. **

What are the Cancellation Charges?

Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the date of reservation and will result in a 5% credit card service charge. Cancellations made in a shorter period of time (less than 72 hours prior to the day of service) will result in a 100% charge being incurred/No refund. No shows will incur full charges/NO REFUND.

What are the Private Charters Payment Information?

Payments are due 30 days prior to Private Charter reservation date. Cancellations made 20 days in advance prior to reservation date will result in a 5% credit card service charge. Cancellations made in a shorter period of time less than 14 days prior to the day of reservation will result in a 50% credit card service fee charge being incurred. Less than 7 days will be 100% credit card charge. No shows will incur full charges/NO REFUND. 

Important Suggestions & Instructions:​

Once you arrive on Kauai. Three (3) days Prior to your Reservations on Catamaran Kahanu Tour:

Please call Catamaran Kahanu at 808-645-6176 to confirm you are on Kauai and check the weather conditions and reconfirm your reservations.


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